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Ma revendication en tant que femme, c’est que ma différence soit prise en compte, que je ne sois pas contrainte de m’adapter au modèle masculin.
Simone Veil

La mia rivendicazione in quanto donna è che la mia differenza sia presa in considerazione e che non sia costretta ad adeguarmi al modello maschile.


WEEK-END Insieme 


Una delle novità di quest’anno sarà l’organizzazione di brevi viaggi in compagnia dei nostri docenti,
ci piace stare insieme con convivialità e condividere le bellezze che ci circondano...  LEGGI TUTTO



Risultati immagini per iran persiaVIAGGIO ASSOCIATIVO dal 17-29 APRILE 2019

«Un viaggio non inizia nel momento in cui partiamo né finisce nel momento in cui si raggiunge la meta. In realtà comincia molto prima e praticamente non finisce mai, dato che il nastro della memoria continua a scorrerci dentro anche dopo che ci siamo fermati. È il virus del viaggio, malattia sostanzialmente incurabile» Da "In viaggio con Erodoto" di Ryszard Kapuscinski

Movement on the Road '96 Imider eng

The Free Academy in Rome is involved in a project in support of the Movement on the Road '96 Imider operating in the municipality of Imider in the south-east of Morocco, between the High Atlas and Eastern Merzouga in the province of Tinghir. The information available on the web and their own facebook page are language Tamazight (Berber), Arabic and French rarely. That raises the Movement for a problem related to sharing with the international community of discomfort and news related to the development of the situation on the ground. The LAR - in agreement with the Movement - is committed to be a "sounding board" to give voice to the Movement on the Road '96 Imider opening a section dedicated to this project on our website and a dedicated facebook page, in which to publish (translated into Italian and English) documents, pictures and video.


Some things to know about the Movement on the Road '96 Imider

For about a year and a half (August 2011) the inhabitants of Imider complained about the poverty in which they find themselves and manifest every day against the exploitation of natural resources in the region, where there is one of the largest silver mines in the north-Africa, owned by the royal family and under the control of Société Metallurgique Imider (SMI), a subsidiary of the holding company ONA. The intensive exploitation of the mine started in 1969, did not result in any improvement of life in the neighboring settlements, still complain that the lack of basic infrastructure and violation of agreements on the use, concluded on several occasions between the mining company and the representatives of village.

At Imider there are no schools (except a small garrison basic), there is no electricity in most homes, the internet and even kiosks with newspapers, while the nearest hospital is located 200 km away (Ouarzazate). The excavation on the slopes of Mount Alebban, however, have resulted in the progressive depletion of aquifers - reducing by an average of 60% of the water supply to households in the area - as well as pollution of the land around the mine because of toxic products (cyanide and mercury) used for the treatment of the ore. Last year, some pastors have witnessed the death of the whole flock of sheep and rams that had been watered with contaminated water and the company had to indemnify them to avoid scandal, even small plots at the foot of the mountain seem doomed to due to the shortage of water and poisons from the mine

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